Dating matching adult submissive

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Unless it is impossible for health reasons, it is essential for both rabbits to be spayed or neutered before introducing them.Once they are altered their hormones won't be as strong and the male won't be as interested in mating.A shy bun that receives a mate may decide that it wants to concentrate on building that relationship.With time your rabbit will become friendlier, but it may take a little longer.

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What works in one situation, can easily fail in another.The best mate for your rabbit is one that they are interested in, and vice versa.In other words, let your rabbit choose his/her mate.If you have a rabbit who is friendly with you, they will remain friendly. If your rabbit is shy, and the new rabbit craves human attention, you may easily find that your bun will mimic the new rabbit and find some strength from his example.They may find themselves with their new mate begging for attention without realizing it.

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