Dating hasselblad camera

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His efforts resulted in the establishment of the Institute of Mineralogy at the University of Jena.

Abbe was also interested in social reforms culminating in the formation in 1889 of the "Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung" (something akin to a foundation) to operate the various Zeiss concerns, with a mission to ensure the Zeiss firm follow the social vision of its founders.

Among his breakthroughs was the formulation in 1872 of what became known as the "Abbe Sine Condition"; a theory of microscopic imaging. 1935) was a chemist who gained a Doctorate at the University of Jena in 1875.

It would then be asked of a chemist to invent and manufacture those raw materials necessary to make the new designs possible. In September 1847 Zeiss moved to a larger facility at Wagnergasse 32 and hired his first apprentice.

Carl Zeiss lives to see this breakthrough, but soon after he dies on 3 December 1888.

Abbe was interested in improving academic and research resources.

In 18th microscope is delivered; the Carl Zeiss shop is recognized throughout European scientific circles for the quality of its microscopes.

Carl Zeiss original workshop has been restored and remains a subject of attention to visitors to Jena today. 1905), a 26 years young lecturer (later Professor) of Physics and Mathematics at the University of Jena in 1866 who in 1875 became his partner.

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