Australian punk dating

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Hampered by poor production and the indifference of radio stations, the LP failed commercially. Radio Birdman released an EP ("Burn My Eye") and an album (Radios Appear) with better production values, but with similar commercial results to The Saints' endeavours.The early Sydney punk scene centred around the Sydney inner city suburbs, and the Grand Hotel in Haymarket in particular.After another acclaimed single, "Know Your Product", and second and third albums failed to make an impression, EMI dropped The Saints.

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The band recorded the first version of the Howard song "Shivers" (made famous by the Boys Next Door and hard rockers Screaming Jets).In Brisbane, The Survivors (who showed a 1960s influence), The Leftovers (diverse influences), Razar (contemporary British punk) and the Fun Things (Detroit rock) all followed in the wake of the Saints.After the British punk scene took off in 1977, both The Saints and Radio Birdman moved to the UK. Neither of them fit in with, or were inclined to adjust to aspects of the London scene at the time, such the now-established punk fashion in clothes.By 1977, other bands were starting to form in Sydney, under the influence of local and overseas punk acts.These bands and other Australian and overseas punk acts were strongly supported by public radio stations.

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